Horticulture Club Spring Semester Review

Written by guest contributor, Shane Werner This Spring semester has been one of the most important for the horticulture club in recent years, with some of the largest events and highest attendance that the club has seen post-pandemic. The club has been expanding and we enjoy sharing our love of horticulture with everyone. As the […]

Celebrating Hybrid Education in Horticulture

It is my first semester with a full teaching load and I’m astounded at how quickly the weeks have passed. After what has felt like some of the longest days and shortest weeks, we have entered week six! I am a big fan of reflective writing and, perhaps irritatingly for my students, try to incorporate […]

Breaking Dormancy: Reviving the UIUC Horticulture Club

Written by guest contributor, Joe Ku. Ever since I was little, the fact that just a handful of seeds could feed a village fascinated me. Gardening (especially with fruits and vegetables) has been a primary interest and passion of mine from middle school and throughout high school. I had my own 800-square-foot garden for about […]

What is a Horticultural Food System?

In October, our undergraduate recruiter and academic advisor, Erika Olivares, invited me to help her with activities for the IlliniFest, a campus-wide open house for high school students. I began brainstorming how I might describe our degree concentration in “Horticultural Food Systems” to prospective students and, being a somewhat visual person, drafted the figure above […]

Open Houses and Open Classes

                On a beautiful Fall morning this past September, the Department of Crop Sciences hosted it’s second annual Harvest Open House. A family-oriented event geared towards the public, dozens of community members came out to the Agronomy Seed House on the UIUC campus to engage with faculty, staff, and students, participating in a host of […]

Active Learning at the Sustainable Student Farm

This past August I traveled to California for a workshop on scientific teaching at University of California, San Diego as part of my training for a project with the Biology Education Intersegmental Collaborative. One thing abundantly clear after this workshop, and often mentioned in teaching circles, is the importance of “active learning”. Active learning is […]

Horticulture Club Welcomes Students Back to Campus

In my first semester as Lecturer of Horticulture, I am grateful to have been appointed as co-advisor to the undergraduate Horticulture Club alongside Dr. Andrea Faber Taylor (a staple of our teaching faculty I might add). As an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, I was heavily involved in the Horticulture Club and […]